Dear Jay:

Aniko and I have visited NJ a number of times since you conducted the house inspection in Highland Park on Dwayne Street. Pam, at Century 21 had suggested you as her first choice and she didn’t mislead us.

We are grateful to you for providing the basic understanding and specifics which kept us from making a frightful bad decision and financial commitment.

As it is, we ended up about a $1,000 out of pocket but that was minor compared to our estimate that for the known problems it would have resulted in an outlay between 60 to $90,000.

If these were the problems that were uncovered only after considerable effort to obtain full disclosure, what else would turn up after we had lived there?

As it is, to a great measure, we attribute your thoroughness and your interest in helping us as a tribute to your professionalism.

If, fate would have it, and we were to reconsider living in that area, there is no question but we would seek your services again.

The check for $100 is our tangible way of saying thank you for your efforts on our behalf and for any additional time it may have taken you.

Very truly,